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Gel tack sheet
Hyper-gel sheet
Hyper-gel sheet
(With an adhesive)
Pit cushion sheet
Urethane washer
Hitohada (human skin) gel (undiluted solution)
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*Properties, characteristics, and other data indicated on this site are standard values. They are not guaranteed.

Made of super-soft elastomer, excellent in absorbing motion energy.
Durable and strong material that absorbs 90% or more of shocks.
Excellent insulation from vibration with few frequency and temperature dependencies.

Firmness Characteristics
Asker-C 30 Slight adhesion
Asker-C 50 Almost no adhesion
Note: Indicated firmness is an approximation.
Firmness Item number Thickness (mm) Size Color
3010 1.0 500 mm ~ 500 mm@ 1 pieces Transparent
3020 2.0
3030 3.0
3050 5.0
Firmness Item number Thickness (mm) Size Color
5010 1.0 500 mm ~ 500 mm@ 1 pieces Transparent
5020 2.0
5030 3.0
5050 5.0
Hyper Gel Sheet has a wide range of application, such as as a vibration isolator for apparatus, shock absorption dampening, and for cushioning. The soft gel sheet is excellent for airtight sealing and packing. Due to their effect on acoustic quality improvement and slight self-adhesion properties, Hyper Gel Sheet can also be used to temporarily affix electronic and optical parts, as well as protect products and provide safe transport.
How to order
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